Music for Life

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53 minutes ago an action has started. It’s called Music For Life and it’s the 6th time it takes place. A Flemish radio station, Studio Brussel (StuBru), organises since 2006 an action for people in the third world countries. 3 presenters – names: Siska Schoeters, Thomas de Soete and Sam de Bruyn- are locked up in a glass house ’til next Saturday to talk 24/7 and to survive by drinking juices only. Artists are invited to give a little gig and an interview. Every year when this action starts (exactly one week before Christmas eve) my exams start to fail. Reason: it’s the best radio you’ve ever heard and it’s very addictive.

So, as I said, they’re locked up in a glass house and everyone can see them. It’s non-stop on tv and if you want to, you can visit the place where the house stands. If you’ve done an action yourself (to collect money foor the people in the third world countries) you can talk to them and donate it. Last year they yielded (I’m not sure I’musing the right verb now) 5.020.747 euros, that’s 4.246.847 pounds or 6.620.183 dollars. You can also donate money for a song (you can choose a song yourself and before every song they say who ‘bought’ it). Of course, just visiting is good too. We did that in 2009 (the house stood in Gent) and 2010 (in Antwerp, which is better, because it’s closer to where we llive). This year I definitely want to see the house too, because sadly it’s the last time.

I’ll miss it. It’s the nicest thing ever. Especially when it snows. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like snow -at all- but it’s so beautiful to see the glass house, to stand in the cold in front of it, drinking hot chocolate and just seeing everyone being there for the same thing, listening to music and no one’s arguing. That’s the idea of a real Christmas.

 (Sam de Bruyn, Sofie Lemaire and Thomas de Soete, MFL 2010)


PS: This year’s charity theme is children in Africa and Asia who die (1000 children a day in India) of diarrhoea. Slogan: We do give a shit! (That explains why lately some politicians have been cleaning toilets for charity, why famous people invite the highest bidder to have a seat on their toilet at home and why football clubs sell toilet paper.)



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I Thought I Was Someone Else

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I have a problem with the numbers 11 and 17. Some people seem to like them, but I actually despise them. Same for the word ‘organ’. It sounds ugly. Same for the name Brenda. (No hard feelings if your name is Brenda.) It’s a name for a fat 11-year-old girl -it’s also possible that she’s 17 years old.

I also seem to have a problem with society. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a well-behaved citizen, unlike my brother (for M.C.: I have a brother). No, my problem is: in my humble opinion people should be allowed to express their dislike of the name Brenda. But you never know who likes that name OR who has that name. I don’t really care if people don’t like my name. That’s only fair.

Next to all that (because I really do admit that your last two minutes were not extremely interesting) I want you all to know that I saw Melancholia. If that’s interesting. You can say what you want, but if you see a gigantic planet coming, you run. I was actually quite shocked to see that planet (called Melancholia) becoming bigger and bigger at the end. And then collide with planet Earth.

Footnote: lately, I practised to say the alphabet backwards: I can do it! (do try this at home)

Because I am me, I want you to listen to this very inappropriate song. But hey, it’s still a good song!


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Melancholia Everywhere

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Lasciatemi cantare

con la chitarra in mano

Lasciatemi cantare

Una canzone piano piano

Lasciatemi cantare

Perche ne sono fiero

Sono un Italiano, un Italiano vero

We sing this in class. It’s what we have to do every last hour of the week. I suppose it’s some kind of relaxation. As this is our last year, we won’t be singing for a long time anymore. That doesn’t matter, because you get new things instead like living on your own (that’s in 10 months from now), a driver’s license (that’s next month), other kinds of stuff that gives you freedom, etc.

Speaking of which (that’s the opning line, but it doesn’t relate to what I’m going to say): anyone been to the film festival of Berlin? I haven’t. I’m lying here on the couch because -as you all obviously know- I can’t move my leg, so it’s not too weird that I wasn’t there. Anyway, the biggest winner was Lars von Trier’s Melancholia. (I’ve only seen his ‘Antichrist’, but that wasn’t what I expected, plus it’s almost pure porn. The only difference: the age limit is 16+ (I am 16+).) I wanted to go and see it, but -as you all obviuosly know- I can’t move my leg. Let’s call it destiny.

Not only do I want to see it because I’ve just always wanted to see it, but there’s also an actor that makes me want to see it even more: Alexander Skarsgård. Let ‘Google Translate’ pronounce his name (in Swedish, of course), and then try to repeat it.

Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia.

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Sing along, pyro’s!

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Today I’ll say what I think. So if you think that we support pyro’s, I’ll tell you that you should go fuck yourself in a corner, because the level of this blog definitely goes beyond yours. If you tell us that we try to encourage every one to set fire to things, I’ll laugh at you and push you from the internet (because you probably believe that is possible). If you don’t get us, then just run away screaming. Today I’ll say what I think.

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The Doors of Perception

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An angel runs
Thru the sudden light
Thru the room
A ghost precedes us
A shadow follows us
And each time we stop
We fall

I didn’t write that poem myself. I could already hear you thinking: ‘that random female is so good!’, whilst scratching your chin. Alas! This is the end of your illusion. You can gues who wrote this. Unless you’re a fan like me, unless you’re familiar with the person who wrote this, unless you even know his (or her!) name, you’re never going to guess it. His name is Morrison. Jim Morrison. My ultimate idol (I might have said that about Muse too, but Jim is a little more… legendary). Short story of his life: Jim Morrison, born December 8th 1943 was the lead singer of The Doors. They made some influential music, they stunned the world, and Jim (not they) was the most provocative artist of the 20th century. After a life full of drugs, he died of a heart attack in his bathtub in his apartment in Paris on July 3rd 1971. He was buried at the Cemetery of Père Lachaise (Paris), where you can visit his grave, which we (random females) did in May this year.

The poem above is one of his many poems. Just think about it for a while, before you close this page. Sometimes you just have to think and stop for a while in life, before you go too fast. After this moment of intense philosophy it’s time to end with one thing you might not know yet (I’m the one who’ll change that in 3…2…1…): the band’s name, The Doors, was inspired by the poem of William Blake The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. More specific this beautiful phrase:

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is. Infinite.

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Everything in this post will be about Muse(s).

First of all, it’s really important that you know the 9 muses (this is completely random information, of course): Calliope (epic poetry), Clio (history), Erato (love poetry), Euterpe (song and elegiac poetry), Melpomene (tragedy), Polyhymna (hymns), Terpsichore (dance), Thalia (comedy) and Urania (astronomy).

Now it’s time for Muse, the one and only. A British band that consists of three members: Matthew Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard. You might have ever heard of them, and maybe even like them. But I like them more than my life. When their last album came out I bought it. Their last album was the first Muse-album I bought. And a week later I had all 7 of them. I had never heard any band that could perfectly combine classical music and modern alternative rock music.

During the exams in 2010 (it was the June 19th) I went to Nijmegen, Holland to watch them live. It scared the hell out of my mother, because the day after I had my maths exam, not really something I’m good at. I don’t know how I did it, but I’m still convinced that it was Muse that gave me inspiration for a good maths exam. So after that, I became even more a fan.

These days it’s hard to choose a song of them that I really want you to hear, but I will choose one, and lucky you: there’s Youtube to spread all their other songs.

Here it is:


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Champagne for Metallica this time

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This month, it has been 30 years since Metallica was formed! Could you get any better excuse to talk about Metallica again?
This is worth eating pie. And some background information.

In October 1981, the band was formed. It was Lars Ulrich, the drummer, who placed an advertisement in a newspaper. James Hetfield and Hugh Tanner answered. Five months after they met, they officially formed their group. Later on, Ulrich was brainstorming with a friend who needed a name for his metal fanzine. In the end, they had to choose between Metal Mania and Metallica. Ulrich encouraged his friend to choose Metal Mania so that he could use Metallica for his band (sneaky!). A second ad was placed and this time, Dave Mustaine answered.
In 1982, their first song ‘Hit the Lights’ was recorded.

That was only the beginning of thirty years.

In 1982 Cliff Burton and Kirk Hammet joined the group. Dave Mustaine was kicked out because of his drinking and drugs problems. In 1984, their first album was produced, Kill’Em All. Not much later they already produced their second album Ride The Lightnening.

But it wasn’t all glory and growing fame. On September 14, in 1986, a bus accident caused the death of Cliff Burton. He was only 24 years old. A tragic death.

But the group didn’t split up.
In 1991, they produced The Black Album, which became their most famous album.

Their succes continues, but their sound changes.

They have a lot of great songs though. In 1999 they performed with the San Francisco Orchestra, recorded on S&M. This song has such an amazing intro that you should listen to it, whether you like Metallica or not.

There are also their very famous songs, like this one:

And while listening to this (very great) songs, don’t forget to enjoy your pie.

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Hey, man, you talkin’ back to me?

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Take him out.
You gotta keep’em separated.
Hey, man you disrespecting me?
Take him out
You gotta keep ’em separated
Hey, they don’t pay no mind
If you’re under 18 you won’t be doing any time
Hey, come out and play

I’m going to sound like Jesus Christ, I guess, because I’m going to tell you that violence doesn’t solve that much troubles. It’s quite pathetic if you’re only able to beat people up. Come on, live sucks for everyone, but when everyone is being nice to each other, it becomes a lot more fun. Oh god, I really sound like Jesus. But in some way he must have been right!

So come on, kids, come out an play some games together. That will be better than beating up each other. Seriously.

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Last Day of Summer

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Because it fits the time (though I’m late, I know) and it is The Cure. They always sound so heavenly sad, and no way that this will be the last time I talk about them. They started in 1976 and are still going. Quite impressive, ain’t it? Lead singer Robert Smith used to play guitar with Siouxsie and the Banshees for a while. Those must have been the days…



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I just want to start this over…

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Deep songs part 2. This time a Tool song, of which the lyrics are not sure. Google always gives you the chance of picking out your favourite one. But I’m such a person who wants to know what the one and only lyrics are… So I listened very well to this song, got overpowered every time, and decided which lyrics would probably be the right ones.

I talked about Tool before. They don’t make easy music, I mean, you have to be openminded and give it a go. You have to take your time to listen to it. I don’t know much about them or their songs, but when I discovered this song on my iPod yesterday, I was just overwhelmed. Bam!

Jesus, won’t you fucking whistle
Something but the past is done
Jesus won’t you fucking whistle
Something but the past is done
Why can’t we not be sober
I just want to start this over…
Why can’t we drink forever
I just want to start this over…

Fourth Fifth edit. Hurray! I anything’s still wrong, don’t hesitate, let me know!

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