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Although I’ve been away for such a long time and although I probably should be studying real hard right now, I got the fabulous idea of writing a new post. For anyone who reads this at least, because you know what they say: “Out of sight, out of the heart”. At least that’s what the Belgians say. I just translated it.

There is a new love in my life. Part of me keeps thinking that it’s probably been there all my life, but now it shows. It’s travelling. Not just the usual “I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower” kind of travlling, but I mean the real thing. I have big plans, you know. I will see the world, even find out the secrets hidden back there in ol’ North-Korea.

Intermezzo: I’m now -at this very moment- realising that I’m actually writing a new post for my blog because sometimes people just get the urge of having to write and then they just have to, they must, and they start making very long sentences, but it doesn’t matter, because all they keep doing is wiriting, and suddenly it feels good, it feels like you don’t want to stop and this will go on eternally. But you have to stop eventually. Writing, that is.

About the travelling, though. It might be everyone’s passion, but there is this thing. Today a friend and I were eating student food in a cheap student restaurant, because we are only poor students. Then suddenly, this girl starts to hand people magazines. It always bothers me when people do that, because these magazines or flyers or whatever they give us are always the most boring things one can read. Anyway, I opened it. The first word I saw was “reizen” (travelling). Under this word stood the more specific word “Albanië” (Albania). So, I told my friend -since we were already talking about going on a trip, but not knowing where to go and with whom to go and when to go and so on- very enthusiastically that we could go to Albania. And that’s when  we started planning on going to Albania. Even though the reputation of the country isn’t the reputation of Norway. Nobody actually wants democracy, right? (At this point, I can start about North-Korea again.)

I’m not going to write any more today, because I want to start with a new, not too long post. There is only one interesting fact that I’d like to share with the world, or at least with the ones who are still unfamiliar with it:

‘James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher’ is a grammatically correct sentence. (If you need an explanation, please let me know!)


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I had this view on statistics: they were always true and shocking. Now maths changed that. Statistics can be calculated, they’re always wrong, it’s always wrong on your tests and they’re actually really boring. Still, I have found some statistics worth sharing.

– There are slightly more males aged 12 to 24 living in New Zealand than females. But there is some good news for females living in New Zealand: the pattern reverses with age. My maths teacher would disapprove and let us calcute with mathematical things like InvNorm or LinReg (I don’t understand them, but I look smart now).

– 2101 suicides were registered in 2005 in Australia. Nearly 80% of them were males (why?).

– The most shocking one, that I know of since two years ago: 75% of the Belgian children doesn’t know what Holocaust means. Once a teacher of us asked the class if we knew what the Holocaust was. Half of the class population raised their hands. (!!) When the teacher asked Thomas (who raised his hand): “Prove me that you know what it is. What is the Holocaust?”, he answered: “It’s the Big Bang, of course”.

– One girl in a class of 5 doesn’t speak English (based on true facts: my class). The problem is: we study English a lot, because we study modern languages. The biggest problem is: when she has to say ‘United Nations’ she says ‘unit nations’. AND she was one of those who didn’t know what the Holocaust was. This makes me cry.

Conclusion: statistics makes you cry.

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Alive (and a little bit kicking)

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A while ago you definitely noticed that I stopped writing on this blog. Why was that? Well… First of all I didn’t have any inspiration (still don’t have any) and writer’s block might be the most cliché but also the most true reason of not being able to write anymore. Second of all I must admit that I felt like the blog wasn’t popular (I still feel that) and when I thought about Justin Bieber who has all these ‘Beliebers’ I felt quite sorry for myself that I don’t have any. (It’s of course not the fact that I’d like to have some Beliebers, but if JB has them, then I want/deserve them too!)

So this will be the first post of – maybe – so many others. That depends. It’s just to let you know (whoever you are) that I’m still alive and kicking. Maybe the next post will be today, maybe tomorrow, maybe Toyota. (NO REALLY, that was the worst joke I ever made, you might not even get it…)

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Ceci n’est pas un Post

January 18, 2012 at 21:38 (Uncategorized)

I’m back. That’s a short kind of way to say that I need no further introduction.

I’m gone again. I made a whole post, then my laptop broke down (which is, of course, the first time it did that), and now my post is simply gone. I don’t understand. I’m really pissed now.

I better go.

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Guess What?!

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The first one who can guess the right place, that means: where this picture was taken, wins a prize. The prize will be my endless respect, since I don’t feel like ging some material stuff.

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Diary of a Planner

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Monday, November 28.

A conversation is going on. I suddenly suggest that we should go and drink gins and go ice skating around Christmas. That’s what people do where we live and it’s a nice thing to do.

Later that day: another conversation with another person. Do you already know how to celebrate (I hate that word) New Year? – No, we can just do something with all the ones who don’t know. – Okay. Let’s do that.


Tuesday, November 29.

I had a (little) accident. Need I say more?


Wednesday, December 21.

The exams were done at 10.10 a.m. that day and I had an appointment with my physiotherapist. Some friends stayed there and went for a drink or something.

In the evening someone calls. (Because everyone is anonymous in this blog, I’ll call her X).


X: Do you already know how you’re going to celebrate New Year?

RFB: No. *I don’t make plans*

X: Me neither. We can go and eat with Y (this is also a pseusonym), but there are no plans yet. And no one knows what he/she is going to do after dinner.

RFB: Okay, that’s good. There are some people who don’t know it either. Maybe we’ll do something with them. We’ll see. *still not making plans*


Thursday, December 22.

I was at a funeral far far away from home. It took me a whole day. Even had to get up at 7.00 a.m. on my day off! Anyway, in the evening the phone rings.


X: Hi, I was just calling to hear how your day was.

RFB: Was okay, what did you do today?

X: We went to Village T and drank gins and went ice skating there.

RFB: *pissed off, you motherf****** stole my idea and did it without me* Great!

X: Are you angry now?

RFB: Yes, but I understand, I couldn’t come with you anyway (because of the accident, you know, it’s a lose-lose-situation).


After one hour and 46 minutes the conversation ended. We broke a record!


Monday, December 26.

Maybe I should text E (also a pseudonym, I’m using random letters), because I don’t hear anything of him and New Year’s getting closer. *Still not making real plans*


RFB: Do the ones who don’t know what to do on New Year already what do to on New Year?

E: Yes, we’re going to a friend (this is not a friend of mine) to celebrate.

RFB: Ah, okay.


It’s getting on my nerves. Next year, let me know, please.


Tuesday, December 27.

Another conversation is going on. This is the last one, I promise. I hear two friends talking about all kinds of food and recipes.


RFB: What are you actually talking about?

U and I: About what we’re going to eat the last day of the year.

RFB: Ah, okay. Who’s coming?

U and I: Don’t you know that? We already discussed what to do and you’re coming, too.


Do I want that? Did anyone ask? If I didn’t ask who’s coming, would anyone have told me something was already planned? So many questions, so little information.


RFB: Ah, great. So where is it? How come I don’t know about anything?

U and I: You weren’t there when we discussed it. You had an apppointment with you physiotherapist.

RFB: Makes sense. But X told me there were no exact plans. Just maybe eating dinner together.

U and I: No, we’re going to celebrate New Year together and there will be pizza and pie and chips and … *Inside my head I hear a little noise, it’s going zzzzzzzz*


Next time, please warn me.

Always make plans with the right people.

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Immobilized No More

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I feel like a little kid today. This afternoon I had my first steps! They don’t really count as steps, but they come close to it. That deserves a smiley on this very blog -> 🙂

I don’t really know where you all live, but is it as windy there where you live as here in Belgium today? My brother (I have a brother) went to school by bike today. He’s crazy, but that’s cool. He was so late at home! I guess he stood still, even though he was trying to ride. Belgium is always windy. I like it when I ride my bike and I have the wind in my back. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen very often.

Then , last but not least, the last news of the day: wish me luck, because tomorrow the exams start! The second last exams in my whole school carreer! The last Christmas exams! Feels good. Even though I’ll have to go through it for the next two-and-a-half-weeks. I can do it. That’ll be my motto, by the way.

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So long, fellow bloggers!

December 3, 2011 at 21:28 (Uncategorized)

Well, this is (normally) my last post here. (What?!) Yes, I’m quitting. Maybe it’s just better to have separate blogs… So anything you say, is your opinion and no one else can be blamed for it. Anything you do, is your problem. Something like that. I jut felt like I wanted my own blog to go loose with it and say anything that is just my opinion and my thoughts, without anyone thinking that the other thinks the same.
I’m pretty sure that you will like me if you liked this blog, for I was a part of it (duh). If you like this blog, then please check out No Blog Intended too. Thanks :). It will be almost like here, but it could suddenly change into a ballet blog, or contain only old English poems. You never know. Just take a look and enjoy!

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Short & Random 2

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I have a new morning habit: I try to dig my face in my pillow and act like I don’t have to rise. I don’t have to rise. I don’t have to rise. Plenty of time to sleep. I don’t have to rise.
Oh, I do.

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Short & Random

November 16, 2011 at 15:51 (Uncategorized) (, )

Hehe, someone said that my post about ‘what’s white and smells like black paint’, saved ‘SO much time’.
He ended up in the spam waste.

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