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I’m quite annoyed. This is not a good sentence to start a post with, but it has to be said. Yesterday I had an accident (I prefer: ‘I had a huge accident’, but people say if I say that, I sound like I’m dead). Don’t ask what I did: I can’t remember, there were some doctors who gave me Valium. Anyway, I don’t know how to explain everything in English – at all – but right now I’m lying here completely immobilized. (Something happened with my knee, but even if I was able to explain, you wouldn’t want to hear it (I’m serious)). I have something around my leg to keep it from moving, which is of course great, ’cause now it’s physically impossible to do anything but watch tv and read a magazine and update this blog. (This is heavy sarcasm)

I know I sound full of self-pity, and actually: I AM full uf self-pity. How am I supposed to wash myself? Of course, don’t think I don’t wash myself anymore. It’s not because I can’t move that I lost my pride.

Oh well, I must face it: this is emberassing.


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La belle dame sans merci

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The beautiful ancient English text can be found here. I can but love these kind of poems. And what else can you do now it’s getting colder every day?

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Biutiful Babel

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Today, we saw this movie, starring Javier Bardem. If you feel a great need for tragedy and dead people, then go and watch it. If you feel a great need for a movie that isn’t like Hollywood’s movies, then go and watch it. But you have to give it a chance and be patient in order to understand it.

It’s made by (eh-ehm) Alejandro González Iñárritu, the one who also made Babel. I saw that movie when I was younger, but I found it great because of the way of telling the story. You only got to know little pieces untill everything fitted. It had me speechless. I need to see it again, now I’m older and will understand more.

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Writer’s block

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To make your day (2)

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It’s a lazy Sunday, the only day in a year that you can sleep longer and not feel guilty. At least, if you do have a conscience. For nothing is about to happen today, I’ll give you some pictures from Albert Watson. Another post to make your day.

Christy Turlington, the lady on the picture, hates this photo because her father died of lung cancer, I read. I feel no need to encourage smoking, but smoke can be aesthetic. Like here.

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The Doors of Perception

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An angel runs
Thru the sudden light
Thru the room
A ghost precedes us
A shadow follows us
And each time we stop
We fall

I didn’t write that poem myself. I could already hear you thinking: ‘that random female is so good!’, whilst scratching your chin. Alas! This is the end of your illusion. You can gues who wrote this. Unless you’re a fan like me, unless you’re familiar with the person who wrote this, unless you even know his (or her!) name, you’re never going to guess it. His name is Morrison. Jim Morrison. My ultimate idol (I might have said that about Muse too, but Jim is a little more… legendary). Short story of his life: Jim Morrison, born December 8th 1943 was the lead singer of The Doors. They made some influential music, they stunned the world, and Jim (not they) was the most provocative artist of the 20th century. After a life full of drugs, he died of a heart attack in his bathtub in his apartment in Paris on July 3rd 1971. He was buried at the Cemetery of Père Lachaise (Paris), where you can visit his grave, which we (random females) did in May this year.

The poem above is one of his many poems. Just think about it for a while, before you close this page. Sometimes you just have to think and stop for a while in life, before you go too fast. After this moment of intense philosophy it’s time to end with one thing you might not know yet (I’m the one who’ll change that in 3…2…1…): the band’s name, The Doors, was inspired by the poem of William Blake The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. More specific this beautiful phrase:

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is. Infinite.

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Everything in this post will be about Muse(s).

First of all, it’s really important that you know the 9 muses (this is completely random information, of course): Calliope (epic poetry), Clio (history), Erato (love poetry), Euterpe (song and elegiac poetry), Melpomene (tragedy), Polyhymna (hymns), Terpsichore (dance), Thalia (comedy) and Urania (astronomy).

Now it’s time for Muse, the one and only. A British band that consists of three members: Matthew Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard. You might have ever heard of them, and maybe even like them. But I like them more than my life. When their last album came out I bought it. Their last album was the first Muse-album I bought. And a week later I had all 7 of them. I had never heard any band that could perfectly combine classical music and modern alternative rock music.

During the exams in 2010 (it was the June 19th) I went to Nijmegen, Holland to watch them live. It scared the hell out of my mother, because the day after I had my maths exam, not really something I’m good at. I don’t know how I did it, but I’m still convinced that it was Muse that gave me inspiration for a good maths exam. So after that, I became even more a fan.

These days it’s hard to choose a song of them that I really want you to hear, but I will choose one, and lucky you: there’s Youtube to spread all their other songs.

Here it is:


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To make your day

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Portrait of a Young Girl in a Green Dress, Tamara de Lempicka, 1930.

A thing of beauty is still a joy forever. I’m not saying anymore about this because sometimes you have to care less about words than about regards (but not too often!). Just enjoy.

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