Sing along, pyro’s!

November 4, 2011 at 12:31 (Music) (, , , , , )

Today I’ll say what I think. So if you think that we support pyro’s, I’ll tell you that you should go fuck yourself in a corner, because the level of this blog definitely goes beyond yours. If you tell us that we try to encourage every one to set fire to things, I’ll laugh at you and push you from the internet (because you probably believe that is possible). If you don’t get us, then just run away screaming. Today I’ll say what I think.



  1. Michael Cargill said,

    So what are you thinking then? I can’t view the video at work.

    • Random Female Blog said,

      Then change work.

      • Michael Cargill said,

        Can I work for you? I am really good at lifting things and can make a nice cup of tea.

      • Random Female Blog said,

        Hmm. That sounds pretty good. When could you start?
        And can we pay you in squirrels per hour?

  2. Becoming Bitter said,

    *thumbs up for song*

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