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Hello everyone!

Long time no see. Last week I’ve been to Budapest. And that beautiful city has now become my ultimate source of inspiration fot this Random Female Blog. It was a female trip – me and a female friend. Unfortunately Budapest is such a huge city that is was impossible to see everything (I didn’t even visit a museum, and only one museum shop!). BUT do not fear: I have gained some information that I want to share with all my dear blog friends.

– Budapest was a Soviet state and each time you see something weird and old, you blame the communists.

– In Budapest you’re supposed to tip the waiters. 81% of that money goes to the state, the rest is divided (between the waiters, that is).

– The metro is so old that you might think it doesn’t ride anymore, but for some magical reason it still does.

– Also, the metro is so loud that you can’t talk to the person who’s sitting next to you.

– Budapest is actually Buda and Pest. The two are separated by the Danube. Die schöne blaue Donau (the beautiful blue Danube). Unfortunately for Johann Strauss the Danube isn’t very blue. It’s quite brown. But beautiful.

– 17% of all Hungarians live in Budapest. That is 1.7 million Hungarians. You notice that: the city is awake at every moment of the night and the day.

– In Budapest you hear ambulances every two minutes. It’s not so weird, what with the fact that Hungarians don’t like riding the way they should.

– Buda is quiet and hilly, Pest is busy and flat.

– There are eleven bridges between Buda and Pest. Hungarians – or at least the ones that live in Budapest – believe that if you walk all eleven bridges, it will bring you luck. I did two.

– Hungarian men are the most beautiful men in the world. I wonder why I live in sad, ugly Belgium.

– If you accidentally make eye contact with an Hungarian, they don’t stop staring.

– Actually they also stare when you’re speaking Dutch. They llok at you with a look that says: ‘Alien?’ .

– There is no place on Earth where food is as cheap as in Budapest. They pay with forint – no euro! One euro equals approximately 285 forint.

– There is no place on Earth where people are so friendly. Of course, we were two young females. Consider that.

That was a little bit of Budapest, right there in that gray, sad, boring room you’re sitting in. Just to spread some joy!


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I’m quite annoyed. This is not a good sentence to start a post with, but it has to be said. Yesterday I had an accident (I prefer: ‘I had a huge accident’, but people say if I say that, I sound like I’m dead). Don’t ask what I did: I can’t remember, there were some doctors who gave me Valium. Anyway, I don’t know how to explain everything in English – at all – but right now I’m lying here completely immobilized. (Something happened with my knee, but even if I was able to explain, you wouldn’t want to hear it (I’m serious)). I have something around my leg to keep it from moving, which is of course great, ’cause now it’s physically impossible to do anything but watch tv and read a magazine and update this blog. (This is heavy sarcasm)

I know I sound full of self-pity, and actually: I AM full uf self-pity. How am I supposed to wash myself? Of course, don’t think I don’t wash myself anymore. It’s not because I can’t move that I lost my pride.

Oh well, I must face it: this is emberassing.

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Beauty is on the inside, but looks aren’t

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Therefore I never leave the house without any make-up. It’s not like my face is covered in cremes and stuff, I’m not a bimbo, but I do put on some mascara and perfume. I won’t leave the house without that disguise. It’s a simple thing to do and it makes me look a lot better (at least, that’s what I think). Character is indeed the most important thing, but I can’t help it either that we do have a face. Let’s make the best out of it then.

Some make-up can change your face for better

When I feel like I’m looking good, I feel better. So you won’t see me walking around in jogging trousers and no make-up.
What do you always do before you leave your house?

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Finally found it…!

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A happy day, for I have found my dear perfume. Something in the universe makes me choose for rare things, but I could never have known that my perfume wouldn’t be sold anymore when I had almost ran out of this really good scent. Luckily a little shop in our neighbourhood saved me and my own, typical scent. (They also gave a sample that I tried and now I smell it all the time, because I can’t remove it. It stinks)
Someone once said to me: “I’ve been smelling something the whole day now, are you wearing perfume or what?”
I said yes. She then said how she loved it. This happened to me three times, three f*cking times, and that’s why I want to keep my very own perfume. It’s mine – mine! 😉 So I won’t tell you which one it is – you probably won’t find it anywhere. Or maybe it’s just this place, this country or whatever. But it’s a good thing that not everyone can smell like me. I want to be unique, or like someone on a forum says: I want to be unique too!

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Bloody nails!

September 1, 2011 at 18:41 (Beauty) (, , , )

It is sort of art when you’re able to do this. Must be REALLY hard. My brother said it looked painful and not good because it looks like blood. Of course I don’t like ripped out nails, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like this – it’s meant funny, I guess. Not too seriously. Because we don’t want to take ourselves to serious, right?

For daily joy of this kind, check out Haute Macabre – the picture is from that site, obviously. They select the ‘darker’ fashion topics. Just take a look, it’s a really nice site for every one who likes to see fashion that is a bit different. But hell, today it seems that I can’t explain things right.

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In need of a hairdo

August 28, 2011 at 11:58 (Beauty) (, , )

Is it me or is finding a good, fitting hairdo really really hard? I mean, I have hair and I want to do something with it. But what? Here some nice hairdo’s I’d like to try, but you know, if it’s not good, you can’t change immediately.

Thanks to Sincerely, Boots.
Recently I bought a hair ‘thing’, I want to try it this way:

(Yes, I do hair).
Some say hair like this would fit me well.

I’m not sure. What if it’s really ugly when it’s my hair? What if I want long hair again? So I might just stick with my blond, more or less long hair. And I’ll have a chignon sometimes. When not wearing a ponytail.

Jean Louis-David.

Or… would this be the best hairdo for me?
Choppy Layered Punk Medium Hair

Suggestions are welcome, because I don’t know it anymore. Any nice hairdo you have/ know about/ want?

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