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I’m quite annoyed. This is not a good sentence to start a post with, but it has to be said. Yesterday I had an accident (I prefer: ‘I had a huge accident’, but people say if I say that, I sound like I’m dead). Don’t ask what I did: I can’t remember, there were some doctors who gave me Valium. Anyway, I don’t know how to explain everything in English – at all – but right now I’m lying here completely immobilized. (Something happened with my knee, but even if I was able to explain, you wouldn’t want to hear it (I’m serious)). I have something around my leg to keep it from moving, which is of course great, ’cause now it’s physically impossible to do anything but watch tv and read a magazine and update this blog. (This is heavy sarcasm)

I know I sound full of self-pity, and actually: I AM full uf self-pity. How am I supposed to wash myself? Of course, don’t think I don’t wash myself anymore. It’s not because I can’t move that I lost my pride.

Oh well, I must face it: this is emberassing.



  1. Lily said,

    That sucks! So unfortunate! Being injured is the worst because you feel so helpless. Just relax and let yourself heal. The worst is when you keep thinking about all of the things that you COULD be doing! But it did humble me when I twisted my ankle. I felt bad for people who could never walk!

    • Random Female Blog said,

      Yeah, that’s true. I figured being paralyzed or something would be hell. Now I have some time to study for the exams though 🙂

  2. Becoming Bitter said,

    Got a 10 minute break in between my work. Saw your email at the top of my inbox. I hope you leg gets healed soon RFB. Like Lily said relax and don’t worry about things you can’t control.

  3. Michael Cargill said,

    Poor Random, get well soon.

  4. motherventing said,

    Did your knee cap fall off?? That happened to someone I knew. It detached and drifted around the back of their leg. It went back eventually. It looked very weird.

    My suggestions to stave off boredom: tattoo your arm with biro; knit a giant scarf; throw wet tissue at the walls; learn to sing opera.

    Otherwise: get well soon

    • Random Female Blog said,

      That’s exactly what happened. But the doctors put it back in place. It looked indeed very weird, but a better word would be: disgusting. (I’m still in shock)

      And thanks for the enumeration of things I can do! A minute ago I thought I would be dead of boredom by the end of the day (:

  5. mooselicker said,

    Shit I was thinking something happened to you. I jinxed it!

    Pick up some DVDs of TV shows. It might help the time pass by.

    Get better soon!

    • Random Female Blog said,

      I’ll have to find new TV shows, I watched them all! If you know one, let me know.

      • Michael Cargill said,

        Have you seen Firefly? It got cancelled mid-season but is still worth watching. Then watch the film Serenity.

        Also Carnivale is good but that got cancelled in season two. Arrested Development is one of the best comedy shows I have ever seen as well.

        The Wire is an excellent cop/crime type drama as well.

    • mooselicker said,

      I’m starting to think Michael Cargill can read my mind….

      Dollhouse is good (done by the same guy that did Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Community is easily the funniest show on Network TV that I’ve seen, Breaking Bad is really tense and might be my favorite show now.

  6. Glamorholic said,

    I’m sorry to hear that. I hope everything will be fine. >:D< Get well soon!

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