November 30, 2011 at 19:52 (Art, Beauty) (, , )

I’m quite annoyed. This is not a good sentence to start a post with, but it has to be said. Yesterday I had an accident (I prefer: ‘I had a huge accident’, but people say if I say that, I sound like I’m dead). Don’t ask what I did: I can’t remember, there were some doctors who gave me Valium. Anyway, I don’t know how to explain everything in English – at all – but right now I’m lying here completely immobilized. (Something happened with my knee, but even if I was able to explain, you wouldn’t want to hear it (I’m serious)). I have something around my leg to keep it from moving, which is of course great, ’cause now it’s physically impossible to do anything but watch tv and read a magazine and update this blog. (This is heavy sarcasm)

I know I sound full of self-pity, and actually: I AM full uf self-pity. How am I supposed to wash myself? Of course, don’t think I don’t wash myself anymore. It’s not because I can’t move that I lost my pride.

Oh well, I must face it: this is emberassing.


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