Diary of a Planner

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Monday, November 28.

A conversation is going on. I suddenly suggest that we should go and drink gins and go ice skating around Christmas. That’s what people do where we live and it’s a nice thing to do.

Later that day: another conversation with another person. Do you already know how to celebrate (I hate that word) New Year? – No, we can just do something with all the ones who don’t know. – Okay. Let’s do that.


Tuesday, November 29.

I had a (little) accident. Need I say more?


Wednesday, December 21.

The exams were done at 10.10 a.m. that day and I had an appointment with my physiotherapist. Some friends stayed there and went for a drink or something.

In the evening someone calls. (Because everyone is anonymous in this blog, I’ll call her X).


X: Do you already know how you’re going to celebrate New Year?

RFB: No. *I don’t make plans*

X: Me neither. We can go and eat with Y (this is also a pseusonym), but there are no plans yet. And no one knows what he/she is going to do after dinner.

RFB: Okay, that’s good. There are some people who don’t know it either. Maybe we’ll do something with them. We’ll see. *still not making plans*


Thursday, December 22.

I was at a funeral far far away from home. It took me a whole day. Even had to get up at 7.00 a.m. on my day off! Anyway, in the evening the phone rings.


X: Hi, I was just calling to hear how your day was.

RFB: Was okay, what did you do today?

X: We went to Village T and drank gins and went ice skating there.

RFB: *pissed off, you motherf****** stole my idea and did it without me* Great!

X: Are you angry now?

RFB: Yes, but I understand, I couldn’t come with you anyway (because of the accident, you know, it’s a lose-lose-situation).


After one hour and 46 minutes the conversation ended. We broke a record!


Monday, December 26.

Maybe I should text E (also a pseudonym, I’m using random letters), because I don’t hear anything of him and New Year’s getting closer. *Still not making real plans*


RFB: Do the ones who don’t know what to do on New Year already what do to on New Year?

E: Yes, we’re going to a friend (this is not a friend of mine) to celebrate.

RFB: Ah, okay.


It’s getting on my nerves. Next year, let me know, please.


Tuesday, December 27.

Another conversation is going on. This is the last one, I promise. I hear two friends talking about all kinds of food and recipes.


RFB: What are you actually talking about?

U and I: About what we’re going to eat the last day of the year.

RFB: Ah, okay. Who’s coming?

U and I: Don’t you know that? We already discussed what to do and you’re coming, too.


Do I want that? Did anyone ask? If I didn’t ask who’s coming, would anyone have told me something was already planned? So many questions, so little information.


RFB: Ah, great. So where is it? How come I don’t know about anything?

U and I: You weren’t there when we discussed it. You had an apppointment with you physiotherapist.

RFB: Makes sense. But X told me there were no exact plans. Just maybe eating dinner together.

U and I: No, we’re going to celebrate New Year together and there will be pizza and pie and chips and … *Inside my head I hear a little noise, it’s going zzzzzzzz*


Next time, please warn me.

Always make plans with the right people.


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This is good.

– There’s a good song on the radio right now.

– The exams are done, and I have good grades (well… at least they’re alright).

– Tonight a good birthday/Christmas party.

– Good.


I thought: ‘RFB, you’re always complaining about everything, and now is the time you say something good. Otherwise nobody’s gonna read your very readable blog anymore.’ That’s exactly what I thought.

It’s also a good time to say something very, very random. I was once at a concert (because I like some details, especially numbers: 666 days ago (uh, wow, I just realised that’s scary)) and the singer of the group in question saw me. Was a good day. Maybe I should get to know more famous people. If I fail my studies, I can always count on my relations. They’ll get me a job.

Next time I’ll think of something interesting to read.


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Well, I guess I’m on my own now. Feels quite empty. If I had any inspiration to say, uh, anything, I would.

– 2 minutes and 36 seconds later –

But on this blog tears were never allowed. (Please don’t think I’m crying right now, though my leg still hurts.) I will now add a happy song on this happy Random Female Blog.

– 3 minutes and 41 seconds later –

Excuse me, but I can’t find a happy song, but I do know a good goodbye song. It’s actually a my-girlfriend-broke-up-with-me-so-this-gives-me-a-reason-to-sing-about-her-song.

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