Diary of a Planner

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Monday, November 28.

A conversation is going on. I suddenly suggest that we should go and drink gins and go ice skating around Christmas. That’s what people do where we live and it’s a nice thing to do.

Later that day: another conversation with another person. Do you already know how to celebrate (I hate that word) New Year? – No, we can just do something with all the ones who don’t know. – Okay. Let’s do that.


Tuesday, November 29.

I had a (little) accident. Need I say more?


Wednesday, December 21.

The exams were done at 10.10 a.m. that day and I had an appointment with my physiotherapist. Some friends stayed there and went for a drink or something.

In the evening someone calls. (Because everyone is anonymous in this blog, I’ll call her X).


X: Do you already know how you’re going to celebrate New Year?

RFB: No. *I don’t make plans*

X: Me neither. We can go and eat with Y (this is also a pseusonym), but there are no plans yet. And no one knows what he/she is going to do after dinner.

RFB: Okay, that’s good. There are some people who don’t know it either. Maybe we’ll do something with them. We’ll see. *still not making plans*


Thursday, December 22.

I was at a funeral far far away from home. It took me a whole day. Even had to get up at 7.00 a.m. on my day off! Anyway, in the evening the phone rings.


X: Hi, I was just calling to hear how your day was.

RFB: Was okay, what did you do today?

X: We went to Village T and drank gins and went ice skating there.

RFB: *pissed off, you motherf****** stole my idea and did it without me* Great!

X: Are you angry now?

RFB: Yes, but I understand, I couldn’t come with you anyway (because of the accident, you know, it’s a lose-lose-situation).


After one hour and 46 minutes the conversation ended. We broke a record!


Monday, December 26.

Maybe I should text E (also a pseudonym, I’m using random letters), because I don’t hear anything of him and New Year’s getting closer. *Still not making real plans*


RFB: Do the ones who don’t know what to do on New Year already what do to on New Year?

E: Yes, we’re going to a friend (this is not a friend of mine) to celebrate.

RFB: Ah, okay.


It’s getting on my nerves. Next year, let me know, please.


Tuesday, December 27.

Another conversation is going on. This is the last one, I promise. I hear two friends talking about all kinds of food and recipes.


RFB: What are you actually talking about?

U and I: About what we’re going to eat the last day of the year.

RFB: Ah, okay. Who’s coming?

U and I: Don’t you know that? We already discussed what to do and you’re coming, too.


Do I want that? Did anyone ask? If I didn’t ask who’s coming, would anyone have told me something was already planned? So many questions, so little information.


RFB: Ah, great. So where is it? How come I don’t know about anything?

U and I: You weren’t there when we discussed it. You had an apppointment with you physiotherapist.

RFB: Makes sense. But X told me there were no exact plans. Just maybe eating dinner together.

U and I: No, we’re going to celebrate New Year together and there will be pizza and pie and chips and … *Inside my head I hear a little noise, it’s going zzzzzzzz*


Next time, please warn me.

Always make plans with the right people.


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This is good.

– There’s a good song on the radio right now.

– The exams are done, and I have good grades (well… at least they’re alright).

– Tonight a good birthday/Christmas party.

– Good.


I thought: ‘RFB, you’re always complaining about everything, and now is the time you say something good. Otherwise nobody’s gonna read your very readable blog anymore.’ That’s exactly what I thought.

It’s also a good time to say something very, very random. I was once at a concert (because I like some details, especially numbers: 666 days ago (uh, wow, I just realised that’s scary)) and the singer of the group in question saw me. Was a good day. Maybe I should get to know more famous people. If I fail my studies, I can always count on my relations. They’ll get me a job.

Next time I’ll think of something interesting to read.


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Music for Life

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53 minutes ago an action has started. It’s called Music For Life and it’s the 6th time it takes place. A Flemish radio station, Studio Brussel (StuBru), organises since 2006 an action for people in the third world countries. 3 presenters – names: Siska Schoeters, Thomas de Soete and Sam de Bruyn- are locked up in a glass house ’til next Saturday to talk 24/7 and to survive by drinking juices only. Artists are invited to give a little gig and an interview. Every year when this action starts (exactly one week before Christmas eve) my exams start to fail. Reason: it’s the best radio you’ve ever heard and it’s very addictive.

So, as I said, they’re locked up in a glass house and everyone can see them. It’s non-stop on tv and if you want to, you can visit the place where the house stands. If you’ve done an action yourself (to collect money foor the people in the third world countries) you can talk to them and donate it. Last year they yielded (I’m not sure I’musing the right verb now) 5.020.747 euros, that’s 4.246.847 pounds or 6.620.183 dollars. You can also donate money for a song (you can choose a song yourself and before every song they say who ‘bought’ it). Of course, just visiting is good too. We did that in 2009 (the house stood in Gent) and 2010 (in Antwerp, which is better, because it’s closer to where we llive). This year I definitely want to see the house too, because sadly it’s the last time.

I’ll miss it. It’s the nicest thing ever. Especially when it snows. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like snow -at all- but it’s so beautiful to see the glass house, to stand in the cold in front of it, drinking hot chocolate and just seeing everyone being there for the same thing, listening to music and no one’s arguing. That’s the idea of a real Christmas.

 (Sam de Bruyn, Sofie Lemaire and Thomas de Soete, MFL 2010)


PS: This year’s charity theme is children in Africa and Asia who die (1000 children a day in India) of diarrhoea. Slogan: We do give a shit! (That explains why lately some politicians have been cleaning toilets for charity, why famous people invite the highest bidder to have a seat on their toilet at home and why football clubs sell toilet paper.)


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What’s the difference?

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I have a famous sticker. There’s a beaver on it. It’s a very cool beaver who looks exactly the way a beaver should look like. It’s my all-time favourite sticker. My former RFB companion (who is now on NBI) knows that sticker. There’s a whole story behind it:

Let’s not make it a secret: we don’t like Justin Bieber (* check footnote below). He should be taller than we are, but he’s not. He has too much hair on his forehead (or is that already gone?). He appears to have conceived a child with a teenage girl, and so you wonder what moron spread that rumor. But have you noticed that Bieber rhymes an aweful lot with beaver? It’s just about the same. So, everythime we saw that sticker (I admit: long time no see), we said: Beaver, Bieber. What’s the difference?

We were young and naive back then. I shouldn’t share this with the world, but it’s too random to ignore.

* Footnote: This is not a site for haters, nor do I want to start a haters club. I’m am just expressing my dislike.

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I Thought I Was Someone Else

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I have a problem with the numbers 11 and 17. Some people seem to like them, but I actually despise them. Same for the word ‘organ’. It sounds ugly. Same for the name Brenda. (No hard feelings if your name is Brenda.) It’s a name for a fat 11-year-old girl -it’s also possible that she’s 17 years old.

I also seem to have a problem with society. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a well-behaved citizen, unlike my brother (for M.C.: I have a brother). No, my problem is: in my humble opinion people should be allowed to express their dislike of the name Brenda. But you never know who likes that name OR who has that name. I don’t really care if people don’t like my name. That’s only fair.

Next to all that (because I really do admit that your last two minutes were not extremely interesting) I want you all to know that I saw Melancholia. If that’s interesting. You can say what you want, but if you see a gigantic planet coming, you run. I was actually quite shocked to see that planet (called Melancholia) becoming bigger and bigger at the end. And then collide with planet Earth.

Footnote: lately, I practised to say the alphabet backwards: I can do it! (do try this at home)

Because I am me, I want you to listen to this very inappropriate song. But hey, it’s still a good song!


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Immobilized No More

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I feel like a little kid today. This afternoon I had my first steps! They don’t really count as steps, but they come close to it. That deserves a smiley on this very blog -> 🙂

I don’t really know where you all live, but is it as windy there where you live as here in Belgium today? My brother (I have a brother) went to school by bike today. He’s crazy, but that’s cool. He was so late at home! I guess he stood still, even though he was trying to ride. Belgium is always windy. I like it when I ride my bike and I have the wind in my back. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen very often.

Then , last but not least, the last news of the day: wish me luck, because tomorrow the exams start! The second last exams in my whole school carreer! The last Christmas exams! Feels good. Even though I’ll have to go through it for the next two-and-a-half-weeks. I can do it. That’ll be my motto, by the way.

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Melancholia Everywhere

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Lasciatemi cantare

con la chitarra in mano

Lasciatemi cantare

Una canzone piano piano

Lasciatemi cantare

Perche ne sono fiero

Sono un Italiano, un Italiano vero

We sing this in class. It’s what we have to do every last hour of the week. I suppose it’s some kind of relaxation. As this is our last year, we won’t be singing for a long time anymore. That doesn’t matter, because you get new things instead like living on your own (that’s in 10 months from now), a driver’s license (that’s next month), other kinds of stuff that gives you freedom, etc.

Speaking of which (that’s the opning line, but it doesn’t relate to what I’m going to say): anyone been to the film festival of Berlin? I haven’t. I’m lying here on the couch because -as you all obviously know- I can’t move my leg, so it’s not too weird that I wasn’t there. Anyway, the biggest winner was Lars von Trier’s Melancholia. (I’ve only seen his ‘Antichrist’, but that wasn’t what I expected, plus it’s almost pure porn. The only difference: the age limit is 16+ (I am 16+).) I wanted to go and see it, but -as you all obviuosly know- I can’t move my leg. Let’s call it destiny.

Not only do I want to see it because I’ve just always wanted to see it, but there’s also an actor that makes me want to see it even more: Alexander Skarsgård. Let ‘Google Translate’ pronounce his name (in Swedish, of course), and then try to repeat it.

Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia.

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Well, I guess I’m on my own now. Feels quite empty. If I had any inspiration to say, uh, anything, I would.

– 2 minutes and 36 seconds later –

But on this blog tears were never allowed. (Please don’t think I’m crying right now, though my leg still hurts.) I will now add a happy song on this happy Random Female Blog.

– 3 minutes and 41 seconds later –

Excuse me, but I can’t find a happy song, but I do know a good goodbye song. It’s actually a my-girlfriend-broke-up-with-me-so-this-gives-me-a-reason-to-sing-about-her-song.

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So long, fellow bloggers!

December 3, 2011 at 21:28 (Uncategorized)

Well, this is (normally) my last post here. (What?!) Yes, I’m quitting. Maybe it’s just better to have separate blogs… So anything you say, is your opinion and no one else can be blamed for it. Anything you do, is your problem. Something like that. I jut felt like I wanted my own blog to go loose with it and say anything that is just my opinion and my thoughts, without anyone thinking that the other thinks the same.
I’m pretty sure that you will like me if you liked this blog, for I was a part of it (duh). If you like this blog, then please check out No Blog Intended too. Thanks :). It will be almost like here, but it could suddenly change into a ballet blog, or contain only old English poems. You never know. Just take a look and enjoy!

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I’m quite annoyed. This is not a good sentence to start a post with, but it has to be said. Yesterday I had an accident (I prefer: ‘I had a huge accident’, but people say if I say that, I sound like I’m dead). Don’t ask what I did: I can’t remember, there were some doctors who gave me Valium. Anyway, I don’t know how to explain everything in English – at all – but right now I’m lying here completely immobilized. (Something happened with my knee, but even if I was able to explain, you wouldn’t want to hear it (I’m serious)). I have something around my leg to keep it from moving, which is of course great, ’cause now it’s physically impossible to do anything but watch tv and read a magazine and update this blog. (This is heavy sarcasm)

I know I sound full of self-pity, and actually: I AM full uf self-pity. How am I supposed to wash myself? Of course, don’t think I don’t wash myself anymore. It’s not because I can’t move that I lost my pride.

Oh well, I must face it: this is emberassing.

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