Random Female Blog.



  1. Michael Cargill said,

    Hi there Random Females.

    I am going to be self-publishing a short story for free in the next week or so and was wondering if you would be interested in doing a review of sorts for it. It doesn’t have to be long or arty-farty or anything like that, just an honest critique/thoughts would be fine.

    • Random Female Blog said,

      Well, now the pleasure is ours!
      Are you going to send it by mail?

      • Michael Cargill said,

        I can email a PDF of it to you if you can give me an email address.

      • Random Female Blog said,

        Can’t you see that in your Comments?
        But anyway, I’ll make a contact page.
        (I have your e-mailadress though)

  2. Michael Cargill said,

    Weirdly enough, your name doesn’t link to anything – if I put my mouse over it nothing happens because it is just normal text.

    Feel free to email me first if you don’t want to put an address up here.

    • Random Female Blog said,

      For accolades.
      (Fanmail only)
      There you will find the key to communication, haha. (I had to rise early, forgive me my humour)

  3. BrainRants said,

    Lady… or Ladies,

    Please accept that I have added you to my blogroll. I did this because your site is awesome and it makes me smile.

    You are rockstar/s, BrainRants

    • Random Female Blog said,

      *shakes head speechless*
      Being added to the blogroll of someone as great as you… That’s just unbelievable… Thanks so much!

  4. Michael Cargill said,

    How do ladies. I nominated you for the Liebster blog award, though Bitter already did as well.

    I put something suitably silly on my front page about you as well.

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