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I had this view on statistics: they were always true and shocking. Now maths changed that. Statistics can be calculated, they’re always wrong, it’s always wrong on your tests and they’re actually really boring. Still, I have found some statistics worth sharing.

– There are slightly more males aged 12 to 24 living in New Zealand than females. But there is some good news for females living in New Zealand: the pattern reverses with age. My maths teacher would disapprove and let us calcute with mathematical things like InvNorm or LinReg (I don’t understand them, but I look smart now).

– 2101 suicides were registered in 2005 in Australia. Nearly 80% of them were males (why?).

– The most shocking one, that I know of since two years ago: 75% of the Belgian children doesn’t know what Holocaust means. Once a teacher of us asked the class if we knew what the Holocaust was. Half of the class population raised their hands. (!!) When the teacher asked Thomas (who raised his hand): “Prove me that you know what it is. What is the Holocaust?”, he answered: “It’s the Big Bang, of course”.

– One girl in a class of 5 doesn’t speak English (based on true facts: my class). The problem is: we study English a lot, because we study modern languages. The biggest problem is: when she has to say ‘United Nations’ she says ‘unit nations’. AND she was one of those who didn’t know what the Holocaust was. This makes me cry.

Conclusion: statistics makes you cry.


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  1. Michael Cargill said,

    Yeah, statistics can be baffling and confusing sometimes.

    I am always wary about ones like the holocaust statistic – it gives no indication of how many were asked, how old they were, what their education background is like or even what the actual question that they asked was.

    You know what they say; 65% of statistics are made up on the spot.

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