December 23, 2011 at 14:41 (Other) (, )

This is good.

– There’s a good song on the radio right now.

– The exams are done, and I have good grades (well… at least they’re alright).

– Tonight a good birthday/Christmas party.

– Good.


I thought: ‘RFB, you’re always complaining about everything, and now is the time you say something good. Otherwise nobody’s gonna read your very readable blog anymore.’ That’s exactly what I thought.

It’s also a good time to say something very, very random. I was once at a concert (because I like some details, especially numbers: 666 days ago (uh, wow, I just realised that’s scary)) and the singer of the group in question saw me. Was a good day. Maybe I should get to know more famous people. If I fail my studies, I can always count on my relations. They’ll get me a job.

Next time I’ll think of something interesting to read.




  1. Michael Cargill said,

    Never fear Miss Random, your blog is always readable. Complaints are a good read if they are done in a humorous way and yours usually raise a smile from me.

    I have been to a few concerts (all Prodigy gigs) but was too far away for Kieth Flint and co. to see me. I envy you.

    • Random Female Blog said,

      Ow you see, you have to go hours before the real gig starts. That might mean you’ll have to stand outside (because it might be a festival) and it’s the only warm day in the year, with a lot of burning sun. But that also means that you get cold water for free! It’s a win-win situation.

  2. mooselicker said,

    It’s your birthday? Happy Birthday? Unless you’re referring to Jesus. Then happy birthday to him. Unless you are Jesus! Then happy birthday Random Female Christian Prophet.

    • Random Female Blog said,

      Um no, it’s not my birthday (it is on the 25th, but in october). You’re right about the fact that it’s Jesus’ birthday, but I’m not referring to him either. It’s in fact the birthday of two people I know and they had sort of a party in Christmas style.
      And you could be right. I might be Jesus. You should read my book! (It’s called the ‘Bible’, a real bestseller, not so hard to find.)

      • mooselicker said,

        I found a copy of that in several hotel night stands. The previous owners must not have liked it very much if they left it behind.

      • Random Female Blog said,

        That makes me think and come to conclusions:
        1. You’re definitely American (because I see in the movies that people find bibles in their hotel night stands).
        2. I haven’t read the bible, but since I’m an atheist I don’t feel like reading it either.
        Oh, I have a question: do you pronounce either like you pronounce an i or an e? I mean: i-ther or e-ther?

      • mooselicker said,

        Yep, I’m an American Boy. I say it “e-ther” but I have heard people say “i-ther” and others say “e-ther, i-ther” because they can’t decide.

      • Random Female Blog said,

        Aha. Thanks.
        This may sound a little weird, but your name fits these days very well, because of the moose. Interesting name, too.
        And also, since you’re an American Boy, you live 4-6-8 (?) hours earlier. I actually live in the future. It’s Christmas here!

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