What’s the difference?

December 14, 2011 at 20:40 (Other) (, , , )

I have a famous sticker. There’s a beaver on it. It’s a very cool beaver who looks exactly the way a beaver should look like. It’s my all-time favourite sticker. My former RFB companion (who is now on NBI) knows that sticker. There’s a whole story behind it:

Let’s not make it a secret: we don’t like Justin Bieber (* check footnote below). He should be taller than we are, but he’s not. He has too much hair on his forehead (or is that already gone?). He appears to have conceived a child with a teenage girl, and so you wonder what moron spread that rumor. But have you noticed that Bieber rhymes an aweful lot with beaver? It’s just about the same. So, everythime we saw that sticker (I admit: long time no see), we said: Beaver, Bieber. What’s the difference?

We were young and naive back then. I shouldn’t share this with the world, but it’s too random to ignore.

* Footnote: This is not a site for haters, nor do I want to start a haters club. I’m am just expressing my dislike.



  1. Michael Cargill said,

    I am intrigued and I want to see a picture of this sticker. Hey, that almost rhymes as well.

    Picture sticker of Bieber beaver.

    I take it that the grenade-throwing incident is big news in Belgium at the moment?

    • Random Female Blog said,

      Yeah, everybody is quite shocked. It’s not so far from home and I have some family living where it happened. Plus it’s all over the news and on the radio. Really sad incident.

      I’ll show you a picture asap.

  2. Lily said,

    Haha yeah I want to see a picture of it too! But yeah, sounds very similar to Bieber. What a weird last name.

  3. No Blog Intended said,

    Young and naive? *trekt wenkbrauw op*

    • Random Female Blog said,

      Ja maar, we komen anders niet goed over hè, als ik zeg dat we dat nog altijd doen.. Nu kan ik dat zeggen, want niemand hier spreekt Nederlands. Ik speel het tactisch ; )

  4. mooselicker said,

    I didn’t know stickers could be famous. Stamps, yes. Stickers, never knew that.

    I hope you ladies aren’t saying bad things about me in your native tongue.

    • Random Female Blog said,

      There is one famous sticker: it’s mine!

      And of course we were gossiping about you, there are so many bad thing to say about you, you have no idea!

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