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November 9, 2011 at 20:18 (Other) (, , , , , , , )

Do you ever wonder how people end up on a certain blog? Random Female Blog will now leak some search terms used to find us. (Or search terms that found us)
There are things like “Anne Geddes” – hopefully no fan of her, for that fan will hunt us down now – and “female combat boots“. By the way, people do actually search for babies dressed like flowers! And then they end up reading my post… Must be shock and horror. The one term that is used very, very often, is “chignon“. Does everyone wants it now or something? It’s a bit weird. A bit.
Anyway. Today, someone tried to find “danzig drenched in blood”, and I’m in fact not sure what (s)he wanted to find. Someone tried “I’m doing it”. No idea what has led to our blog, and no idea what he wanted to be lead to.
There was really one lovely soul searching for “Sex Gang Children Into The Abyss Blogspot“! I thought I was one of the last 5 people who know them.
Further on a lot of “dubstep cyanide happiness“, “loneliness of the prime numbers“, and “slaughted at barnaby close“. Yes, that is a mistake, it should be slaughteR. We all know that, because we all read the story! If not, a few clicks will get you there.

Oh, and I’m also happy and surprised that someone searched for “angry matryoshka“. She’s worth so much more attention!



  1. Becoming Bitter said,

    One day I’m going to post the searches people have made to get to my website and the websites that referred them to my blog. Three letters: WTF

    • Random Female Blog said,

      Humans- we’ll never fathom them.
      (Secretely looking forward to that post…)

      • Becoming Bitter said,

        I wanted to post my favorite “Dear __” letter since you posted yours…

        Dear Men,

        If we have to have periods every month, you guys should be kicked in the balls once a month.

        Sincerely, Women.

      • Michael Cargill said,

        Ooooh, narky!

        Dear women

        If you didn’t have boobs and vaginas we would throw rocks at you.

        From, Blokes.

  2. Michael Cargill said,

    I get search engine views for things like:

    Justin Bieber’s penis
    Amanda Knox Playboy
    sarcasm about silvio berlusconi

    • Becoming Bitter said,

      Dear Blokes,

      You would find animals to hump if we didn’t have boobs and vaginas.

      Never Yours,

      How’s that Micheal? Trump that one Mr.Novel Writer.

      • Michael Cargill said,

        Thing is, that is actually true and most blokes wouldn’t be offended or ashamed of it.

        The Welsh have been doing it for centuries.

      • Random Female Blog said,

        Dear commenters,

        Please don’t be more amusing than we are! It’s hard to handle those way too funny comments…
        (And raping animals is quite sad)

        Random Females

    • Random Female Blog said,

      The thing is, you actually do blog about that… which is kinda weird too, isn’t it?

      • Michael Cargill said,

        Yeah, it’s true I have run stories about those things. It’s just that I never thought people would ever actually try to seek such things out on Google.

        I can imagine them frantically searching for weird things in the hope that someone has written about it. Searching for things like “Arabian socks in the mouth” or “house made of pickled eggs”.

      • Random Female Blog said,

        Hehehe… why do you think we follow you? 🙂

  3. motherventing said,

    People find me by searching for ‘jizz’ ‘shit’ ‘shitting water’ and ‘child chimney sweep going in chimney and coming out black’.

    Go figure.

  4. mooselicker said,

    I think the silly search engine terms are by far the best reason for having a blog.

    • Random Female Blog said,

      It was definitely the reason for us to start a blog, yes. Not for the amount of views. Not to spread the word. Search engine terms. That is.

  5. Becoming Bitter said,

    Those men are nasty people then… *gagging*
    Well it’s definitely better than raping women and young girls.

    • Random Female Blog said,

      If we kick them in the balls once a month, they won’t rape as much anymore.

      • Becoming Bitter said,

        Why don’t we just cut them off… Oops did I comment that “aloud”

      • Random Female Blog said,

        I can think of certain reasons… Maybe just kicking is fine for me :).

      • Random Female Blog said,

        Oh, you mean the rapists… Therefore I have to agree.

  6. Lafemmeroar said,

    The top search term for my site is “revenge” I really don’t know why.

    • Random Female Blog said,

      Top search? Revenge? Okay, that’s weird.

      • Lafemmeroar said,

        I have an old post titled “Revenge songs by women” it’s just music vids … and of course there are my recipes …

    • Becoming Bitter said,

      I’m incredibly jealous of you! I usually talk about revenge or allude to it indirectly in my “psycho-analyzing myself” posts, but no one every searches for revenge to find my site. Yesterday I got the most disgusting one (that will be saved for a post that RFB is already looking forward to). I’m just waiting for enough searches to come in.

      • Random Female Blog said,

        Oh, please don’t wait too long to write that post…

      • Lafemmeroar said,

        I can’t wait to read that post … write it and I’ll FB it on both my pages…

  7. breezyk said,

    I got “groundhog death stare”… and a ridiculous number of hits from people searing Kim Kardashian doing all sorts of weird things. Hey, I’m not above it.

    • Random Female Blog said,

      It is strange what people try to find on the internet. I honestly never search for that kind of weird things…

  8. Michael Cargill said,

    I just got one for “mike cargill porn”.


    • Random Female Blog said,

      You just beat any other search engine term. Having a secret life as a porn actor?

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