A Woman For All Seasons

October 30, 2011 at 20:53 (Other) (, , , )

Autumn is everywhere. Although I know some people who live in Australia where it’s warm (it’s just one person, but I like to say ‘some people’ because then it seems like I know everybody) and in Maryland it’s snowing like hell, right here it’s too warm for the time of the year – some say it’s a compensation for the extremely lousy summer we had, I disagree. Nevertheless (coolest word ever) I did my annual autumn walk today. It’s very important that I do things like that sometimes, so I have pictures for my archives. What I discovered:

– a leaf that looks an aweful lot like a crocodile:







– multi-coloured trees (and leaves):







– mushrooms:







This is practically what the place where I normally live looks like these days.



  1. Michael Cargill said,

    Very nice photos. How did manage to find that leaf?

    Did you eat the mushrooms?

    • Random Female Blog said,

      Thanks. Finding that leaf depended on coincidence.

      And no, I didn’t eat the mushrooms, but that gives me interesting ideas, though. Maybe I’ll go back tomorrow 🙂

      • Michael Cargill said,

        Nooooooooo, don’t eat random fungus. It’s bad and poisonous.

      • Random Female Blog said,

        I guess you’re right. Eating random fungus would probably mean the end of this blog too. Well, at least half of it.

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