The “where did I leave it?” Syndrome

October 26, 2011 at 16:51 (Humour) (, , )

It’s in this house. I’m quite sure of that. Not completely, but I have no idea where to start searching if it ain’t here. It could be in that room. Would be probable. Or in that one. Possibly. I’ll search here first. Lots of papers, it seems. It could be hidden in this mountain of maths exercises and history facts. But it isn’t. I should throw all this rubbish away. Not now. I’m too busy searching.
It might just be here, beneath old thoughts and believes. No. Another bunch of papers that is no disguise for what I search. Damnit.
Ok, next. It MUST be here. I remember myself saying ‘This is important. I should keep it somewhere safe’. Did I leave it here? What was that safe place again? I remember it like it were yesterday. I wanted to put it away so I could find it anytime.
Here I sit, I feel my head getting sweaty. Fuck this. Fuck this. Why isn’t it here? Come on, where could I have left that stupid asshole-thing? Fucking papers everywhere – I don’t need you. All this books can shut the fuck up, aaarrrgghh, I should get rid of all this rubbish. And where is that stupid….?
I hear a door. I hear steps. It’s my mother. She has kids, which is equal to be able to find things within a few minutes. I laugh calmly (oh so fucking calmly) to her and ask very innocently: “Have you accidentally seen that thing?”

It only takes a few minutes to find something. But first, you have to give birth to a baby.



  1. Michael Cargill said,

    Was it in your mums handbag?

    • Random Female Blog said,

      Worse. It was were it should have been.
      (And unfortunately, it didn’t happen once, but it always seems to be in the right place) (The place where I never find it)

  2. motherventing said,

    I could have told you where it was. It’s always where you never think it will be, under a cushion, five minutes ago (oh yes, I work in all dimensions). Glad you found it.

    • Random Female Blog said,

      In the end, those things always are exactly where they should be, and where I looked several times without finding, so I guess I don’t work in as many dimensions as you :).

  3. mooselicker said,

    Buy a giant bucket there you keep everything important in. That’s what I used to do. Then I lost the bucket, hence losing all my valuables. Maybe losing your shit ain’t so bad.

    • Random Female Blog said,

      Well, the house is my bucket… Otherwise it wouldn’t all fit in, I’m afraid. I also suffer from the “can’t throw it away” syndrome, so I would not be able at all to handle the loss of all my valuables.
      Tragic me.

      • mooselicker said,

        You live in a bucket? That’s awesome! Basement flooding must be easy to take care of.

      • Random Female Blog said,

        Oh it is! You have to make the right choices in life and don’t pick a house but a bucket.

  4. Michael Cargill said,

    Talking of buckets:


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