Would you obey this game?

October 10, 2011 at 17:28 (Other) (, , , )

Have you ever played a game that tests your will?
I did.
This game should be about our free will. And honestly, you will start doubting certain things. The setting is pretty ‘clean’, the background sound gives you subtle creeps and you are a weird creature that is nor human nor an animal. The intention is to reach the end, quite logic, but how you reach the end is another thing. Not only are there obstacles (ain’t a surprise), there’s also a sort of ‘leader’ (I’ll call him the god) that tries to manipulate you. It already starts with the first question, of which the answer denies your identity. Later on, the god of the game will ask you some more tricky questions. The answer will never be satisfying for you, because the god has control anyway. Sometimes he’ll even demand that you kill yourself by throwing yourself into the barbs.
Will you obey?


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