Things you shouldn’t say – never

October 4, 2011 at 18:49 (Culture) (, , , , , )

There are things for which you don’t have any reason to say them. (I feel like I’m ruining the English language by this sentence. Correct me if I’m wrong) Some of them are used so often that it is time to stop it! Here an anthology.

O my God! People say this all the time. Though they shouldn’t. Even when you are wearing pink and panther print. Even with your bag in your elbow. (In your elbow? What kind of English is this?) But worse:
O my gosh! O my what the hell? Why o why would any brain produce this? Because the omg’ers found it too christian and decided to make up their own atheistic version? No excuse. Don’t use it. Ever.
I don’t want to gossip, but *followed by some gossip* If you don’t want to gossip, then don’t. If you do want to gossip, then just confess it. Everyone will be happy to hear that, they will not mind your gossiping – they will join you.
I’m sorry, but *followed by something you don’t feel sorry for* Same here: don’t apologise when you don’t want to be forgiven. Be honest. Really. Just say Her shoes are fucking ugly instead of I’m sorry, but her shoes are fucking ugly. As long as she doesn’t hear you, there is no reason to gloss over something.
I don’t want to hurt you, but – then stop talking. Whatever you say will hurt me so hard that I will cry myself to sleep tonight. Or it won’t, perhaps.
That’s so not done! To say this – exactly.
Just saying Sure, you didn’t mean anything with it? No? Ah, you’re such a good person.
If you don’t mind, I would like *followed by something you DO mind* Yes, of course you can copy my text. Sure, just give me the hardest parts to do. Nevermind, take that chair, I was only sitting on it.
Hi girlz! Boyz! Friendz! No comment.

Learn from this.
And keep reading Random Female Blog – the honour is yours.
Please don’t hesitate to admit some more expressions!


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