September 26, 2011 at 21:13 (Uncategorized)

I will now complain about lots of annoying stuff and give some advice for it, so that it wouldn’t be a problem anymore:

– Little walking school bags (it’s another description of little kids who have a giant school bag) who act and dress in an annoying way. Advice: buy clothes (of course, that’s maybe even too obvious) and get an education, because, we might deny it, but education is important in life. Of course, I will stay true to the religion of Pink Floyd: we don’t need no education, but they don’t mean what I mean right now.

– Too enthusiastic people when I’m (or someone’s) trying not to be enthusiastic at all OR daydreaming. Advice: don’t be all too enthusiastic, because you might get in deep trouble when someone’s trying to daydream and you disturb him/her with his/her ondoubtedly interesting and well-considered day dream. For example: person X is daydreaming and not being enthusiastic BUT there comes person Y who is very excited about some unknow brain-twisting. Person X will try to ignore it, but when person Y decides to push it, it might get out of hand and person X might slap person Y in the face.

– Fascism in Italy, because it makes us have to study it. Advise: deny the fascism in Italy. This might be not a very good idea, though, because some people have already tried to deny the Holocaust and this turned out to be a failure for them, since it’s stupid and prosecutable.

– I could go on like this forever, because I see lots of annoying things every day, so I’m going to have to stop here. Advice AND conclusion: annoying is good: it means more inspiration which means more things to write about in here which means lots of people liking this which means that everybody’s happy which means that that’s one thing less annoying.


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