20 years of grunge

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The amazing television show (can I call it a show, or is it more something like a documentary) Classic Albums is one of the most interesting, but also one of the best programs ever made. Why? They show some information and the making of every good album that’s ever made! Yesterday: 20 years of grunge: Nevermind AND Live at Reading by Nirvana. I was quite happy about it and so I recorded it (because it was really late on that amazing look-machine called ‘television’ and I was rally tired). But who would I be if I wouldn’t watch it? That’s righ: a nobody. Speaking of nobody: have you seen the film Mr. Nobody? You should, it’s an amazing view on society (and also: Jared Leto has the main role!). I know it sounds very economical and scientifical and also quite boring, but it isn’t.

It’s about the oldest man in the world, and he’s looking back at his life in his last living hours. The whole world has become all mechanically, but he looks back at a better time, when nothing was gray yet and where people still could fall in love. There’s one special thing about the movie: at the end, you don’t know which version is the right one, because he actually looks back at his life how it could have been. It starts with three girls and all three of them have/wear a colour: yellow, red and blue. It’s very symbolic, because when they grow older, they still have/wear that colour, only some might not notice it, it’s very subtle. And then it starts: when he chooses for example the red girl, he has a different life than when he chooses the blue or the yellow girl. One life is better then the other. But anyway, it’s one of the best films ever made. It makes you think. That’s what I need in a movie. Think, but in a positive way.

So I was saying something about 20 years of grunge. Grunge is actually a genre of American guitar rock, originated in Seatlle in the lovely ’80s. That’s ironically (or maybe logically, but I’m not really sure about that) where the legendary Kurt Cobain died. Nevermind was the peak of grunge, but Neil Young was the first grunger. It ended with a band called Mad Season, but I must admit: I don’t know them. And then today lots of bands are still influenced by the grunge-bands, only now there are other names for them: pseudo-grunge (I made that up, but it’s of course possible), neo-grunge (I made that one op too, but if there’s neo-renaissance, then there must be neo-grunge too) and porst-grunge (I didn’t make that one up).

Here’s a tribute to grunge (it’s the über-grunge song, cliché, but really grunge):

The Ultimate Tribute To Grunge


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